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Missionaries often live a decorated life. They have one of the most compelling stories in the world. Theirs may not be a rags-to-riches effect, but they are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts. With willing hearts, they step out of their comfort zones, even walking the road of sacrifices. Indeed, the mission is about people. It is not a job nor a career, but it's a life committed to discipleship. Adventist Mission: Wealth of opportunity The official Mission Office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church oversees worldwide work. Since 2005, with more than 207 countries, this office responds to challenges and caters to the world's needs. One of its successful initiatives is the centers of influence. Where secular and busy cities benefitted by sharing hope and making friends. Global Mission: A front liner This organization aims to tell the world's hardest-to-reach areas about Christ's love. It sends volunteers to places where there are no Adventist members, making them pioneers. Their involvement has positive outcomes through God's grace. By following Christ's outreach method, they share the gospel. With their friendly and practical approaches, these frontiers became one with the people, open hearts, and doors. Some are medical missionaries, and others run literacy programs. Someone once said, "We are best in mission if we follow Jesus' example. It's worse when we don't." Gary Krause: An Adventist missionary Born to ministry-oriented parents, Gary adopted their spirit of service. In this video podcast, he'll be sharing heart-moving testimonies. Through the Adventist online encyclopedia, how do we keep the mission spirit going and inspire new generations? Let's join Dr. David Trim and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac, editors of ESDA, as they interview Dr. Gary Krause, Director of Adventist Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For more Adventist missionary tales, please visit Next on deck… Jesus often used stories when He reached out to people in His time. We invite you to join us again in our next video podcast. Lots of valuable and powerful stories await you. Suppose you missed the previous video podcast episodes, no need to worry! Check the playlist at or visit ___ To follow our official social media accounts, just follow the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: