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Positioned on the largest country in Asia and the most populous country globally, our Adventist Church in China serves as a beacon of light. We are known as a significant Christian denomination with a notable presence in China. Dr. David Trim and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac, editors of the online Adventist encyclopedia, host another episode of histories and stories. Pastor Daniel Jiao, the Chinese Union Mission's executive secretary, paves the way to our Chinese Church history in this video podcast. First Adventist Mission Story in China Who would have thought that an American shepherd, seaman, and gold miner would start Adventism in China? Though already in his 60s, Abram La Rue got formal schooling to prepare himself for his China ministry. But he was sent to the Hawaiian Islands considering his age. He was able to plant permanent Adventist work in the Island. Never giving up on his dream, he persisted and delivered the gospel to China. Read his story here: Clarence Creager Crisler: A Missionary to China It is incredible to note that Mr. Crisler worked as Ellen White's secretary for almost 15 years before traveling as a missionary to the Far East. He authored the book, China's Borderlands and Beyond, which portrayed missionary works in the country. Pastor Jiao shares some antique pictures about this worker of God. One image depicts a beautiful church story of prayer warriors that hang maps of unentered territories inside their church. Check these exclusive mission-filled photos yourself! Medical Work: Extending the Gospel to the Chinese In Hong Kong alone, the two Adventist hospitals gave a prestigious landmark in the place. These health institutions provide a wide range of medical services. Pastor Jiao further presents the history and updates on these healing missionary work. Other Mission Stories from China Aside from the healing ministry, our church history tells about the successes and struggles in Chinese pioneers' lives. The country's shift to the Communist government, the destructive World War II, and famine were just a few challenges that they had to face. Many of the administrative units of the Adventist church became unusable. Only the Anxian Hall of the Southeast China Union Academy now remains. And it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2017. Read the whole account here: Next on deck… There are more facts and artifacts to dig. Our Adventist church is teeming with historical treasures waiting to be unraveled. See you in our next video podcast. Suppose you missed the previous video podcast episodes, no need to worry! Check the playlist at or visit ___ To follow our official social media accounts, just follow the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: