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Adventist church history tugs at the heart. In the Southern-Asia Pacific Division, the locals started to write their own stories. Southern-Asia Pacific Division (SSD): Home of the beautiful diversity SSD is one of the 13 global divisions of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC). All in all, it houses 14 countries. It also has five of the major non-Christian world religions like Islam and Buddhism. With these diversities, the history of the church started with a humble beginning. Through passion and dedication of pioneer leaders and members, the church grew and kept growing. The Adventist missionaries and local church members brought God's Word through literature evangelism coupled with the medical ministry. Many of the stories tell about how people brought the gospel in their workplaces. Even in their migration to the different places in Asia, they share their faith. Read about the colorful Asian heritage here:|Asia-Pacific|Division Online Encyclopedia: First written record in the region The newly launched online Adventist reference is the first of its kind in the global church. It brings local knowledge and flavor to the world. Its launch created excitement and awakened more interest. The diversity of contributors is one of the best assets of this online reference. The encyclopedia represents a first written record for SSD church history. This tool captures and preserves community knowledge. Mission stories bring fresh to memory the region's experiences. Learning about heroes of faith inspires the new generation of missionaries. The encyclopedia aims to inspire the youth to carry on the legacy and continue the church work. Find many interesting stories, photographs, and videos here: AIIAS: A partner of ESDA The Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines has a faculty representing 18 countries. It is serving students from 123 countries. AIIAS is supportive of the ESDA project. Teachers and students of the institution engage with the online encyclopedia. AIIAS also grants scholarships. In return, the scholars write articles for this reference. Not only do they fulfill their class requirement, but they also become authors. Its higher goal is to engage the youth in history. Be connected to the church heritage and strengthen their identity. For this episode, let us hear from Dr. Dragoslava Santrac, managing editor of ESDA and Dr. Remwil Tornalejo, editor of the Southern Asia Pacific Division. Next on deck... Take a peek at the Adventist church growth in Europe. Let's explore fascinating stories that will surely keep our fires burning! If you missed the previous video podcast episodes, no need to worry! Check the playlist at or visit ___ To follow our official social media accounts, just follow the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: