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The Adventist history is undeniably rich in mission stories. Our humble church beginnings are relevant to keep track of our real identity and mission. In this podcast episode, let’s join Dr. Dragoslava Santrac, ESDA’s Managing Editor, as she interviews Dr. Alain Coralie, Consultant Editor, East-Central Africa Division. Here is the preview of their conversation about the triumphant history of Seventh-day Adventist in the East-Central African Division: East-Central Africa: Adventist Church History The East-Central Africa Division of Seventh-day Adventist consists of several countries. The beliefs of people in this country are unique. Their rich culture obviously makes things complicated for missionaries. But, never did they stop in sowing the seed of truth. Currently, the East-Central Africa division is one of the fastest-growing. It has an estimated 4.5 million members. There is no doubt, God’s grace really works miraculously. Valuable Lessons in Adventist History Every single mission is accompanied by challenges of making it successful. The sacrifices and commitment of missionaries in Adventist history were indeed inspiring. Their deeds are a reflection of true faith. Some of them might not be living, but the fruits of their hard work are now ripe and ready to harvest. Education System Gateway to Share God’s Message The glorious grace of God's power shows a surprising outcome. God really works with missionaries in marvelous ways. It was 1900 when Adventist missionaries entered Western Kenya. Their beginnings were tough, but their passion for sharing the message with people got them going. Eventually, they used education as a bridge to sow the seed of God's word among Africans. The First Seventh-day Adventist Missionaries in Kenya The glorious grace of God's power shows a surprising outcome. Discover how Arthur Carscallen and Peter Nyambo worked persistently in their missions. Be inspired by how they responded to God's calling. Even various religious denominations did not hinder them from fulfilling their duty. Find out how they strive and survive at:|Carscallen Maasai Culture: Transformation without Compromising Faith In Maasai culture, polygamy has been a long-accepted belief. This belief makes things hard to reach people, but God works surprisingly with Adventist missionaries. Faced with a culture against the Adventist faith, history reveals the power of God. He made the field workable for Adventist pioneers. Find out how the Maasai accept, commit, and hold the Adventist belief. Next on Deck… If you missed the previous podcast episodes, please don’t hesitate to explore the link: