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Emanuel Christian Ehlers was a German-born Adventist missionary, pastor, medical doctor, and teacher in Brazil and the United States of America.

Waldemar Ehlers was a pastor, teacher, and administrator from Germany. He accepted a call to serve in Brazil.

​Otávio do Espírito Santo was a teacher, administrator, editor, and translator from Brazil.

​Itanel Ferraz was a pastor, evangelist, and administrator from Brazil.

​Antônio Zuza Ferreira, canvasser, was born in July 10, 1924, in Baixio, countryside of the state of Ceará, Brazil. His parents, Pedro Zuza Alves and Maria Antônia da Conceição, had nineteen children, of whom only fourteen survived the drought. These were difficult times in Ceará – the work in the fields was hard, food was scarce, and education was difficult to access.

​Henry Raymond Feyerabend was a pastor, teacher, missionary, evangelist, singer, writer, and a missionary to South America.

Antônio Álvares Filho, canvasser, was born in 1936 in the city of Joanópolis, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Maximilian Fuhrmann was a German born pastor, secretary, treasurer, administrator and auditor in Brazil.

Ana de Araújo Garcia was a teacher, singer, Bible instructor, and writer from Brazil.

​Flávio Araújo Garcia was a pastor, teacher, and conductor from Brazil. Flávio Araújo Garcia was born on May 20, 1929, in the district of Brooklin in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The son of Jerônimo Granero Garcia and Ana Araújo Garcia, he was the brother of Helena and Gilberto.

​Jerônimo Granero Garcia was a pastor, evangelist, principal, teacher, and conference president in Brazil.

​João Gnutzmann was a pastor, missionary, teacher, and canvasser from Brazil.

Huldreich F. Graf was an evangelist, missionary, pastor, and teacher in South America.

​Hélio Luiz Grellmann was an administrator and medical doctor from Brazil.

Max Gröschel was a pioneer printer of the Brazilian Publishing House.

Ruth Oberg Guimarães was a translator, lyricist, and teacher from Brazil.

​Emílio Gutzeit was a teacher, pastor, and missionary among the indigenous people in South America.

Jessie Viola Halliwell was a North American nurse, teacher, and missionary to Brazil.

Günter Hans was a physician, visionary for patient care, administrator, and professor who received many honors and recognitions during his life and posthumously.

Palmer Harder, pastor, administrator and treasurer, served in Brazil for many years.