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Ron Carey served the Church for nearly 50 years in various capacities, including as a missionary, publisher, administrator, and denominational leader.

David Emmanuel Carlsson was a pastor, youth leader, conference president, Bible teacher, and author.

Carl Oskar Carlsson was an evangelist and educator in Sweden.

Lewis Harrison Christian served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as an evangelist and administrator for more than fifty years. Beginning as a reluctant and unsuccessful preacher, he had a powerful experience with God, which turned his ministry around. As a child of immigrant parents, he felt a special call to work for the foreign-born in America, which later led him to help form and develop the Adventist work in Europe. In his later years, he wrote several books addressing the challenges and issues of the time.

​Ellis R. Colson served the church as a teacher, business manager, and school principal at the mission school in Sweden, treasurer for the Northern European Division, business manager of Atlantic Union College, secretary-treasurer of the Minnesota Conference, and pastor in the Minnesota Conference.

The Danish Bible Correspondence School opened in Copenhagen in 1947 to reach a wider section of the Danish people.

Dansk Bogforlag was established in Copenhagen in 1905 to produce and distribute Adventist literature to the church in Denmark and in the larger community.

​The Danish Union of Churches Conference is a unit of church organization in the Trans-European Division including the territory of Denmark, the Faeroe Islands, and Greenland.

The Seventh-day Adventist message reached Denmark from the United States in 1872 by means of the Danish monthly "Advent Tidende," which John G. Matteson, a native son of Denmark, had started primarily for the Scandinavian people in America.

​Oscar Milton Dorland served the church as president for the South England Conference, North England Conference, and the Irish Mission, and as vice-president of the South British Conference.

​The East Denmark Conference was a former unit of church organization under the West Nordic Union Conference in the Northern European Division, covering the territory of East Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

​In 1931 the Scandinavian Union was divided into two administrative units: the West Nordic Union, which consisted of Denmark and Norway, and the East Nordic Union, which consisted of Finland and Sweden. Finland and Sweden shared a long history, both secular and within the Adventist church.

​Hendrik Eelsing was a pastor, missionary, and the first Dutch president of the Netherlands Union.

​Ekebyholm Mission School began when the Nyhyttan Mission School was relocated; it had the same aim and was to serve the East Nordic Union’s Swedish speaking members, mostly from Sweden but with some from Finland. The school had two tiers: a general education, and a theological seminary. The theological seminary was to provide the two countries with pastors and Bible workers as well as staff for its institutions.

The Dutch Bible Correspondence School, called the ESDA–Institute for written (and online) courses, was founded in the summer of 1946. “ESDA” is the Dutch pronunciation of the abbreviation for “Seventh-day Adventist.”

Caribbean nurse Yvonne Eurick gave many years to missionary service in West Africa and became affectionately known as “Nigeria’s Mother Teresa.”

​William Duncan Eva worked for the Adventist Church as a teacher, missionary, evangelist, and president of a number of administrative fields before serving as a general vice president of the General Conference.

The Seventh-day Adventist faith was first brought to the Faroe Islands by Norwegian born O. J. Rost Olsen in 1893.

​Edwin H. Foster was an evangelist, Bible teacher, conference president, and the longest-serving president of the British Union Conference (BUC).