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Emil J. Åhrén was a preacher, editor, and author from Sweden.

Ingrid Jenny Elisabeth Albiner was a Seventh-day Adventist teacher, evangelist, chaplain, writer, and author from Sweden.

​Erik Alfred Anderson was a pioneering evangelist, pastor, administrator, and Bible teacher in Sweden.

​Elmer Ellsworth Andross was an evangelist, administrator, educator, author, and missionary. The end of the 19th century was a period of significant losses for the Seventh-day Adventist church with the death of pioneers James White, J. N. Andrews, and Uriah Smith; the apostasies of bright lights such as Albion Fox Ballenger and John Harvey Kellogg, and losses of institutional buildings to fire. This period has also been described as the turning point toward unity, reform, solvency, and ardent evangelism, and Elmer Andross was an integral part of these changes.

Albert Armstrong was a pioneering evangelist and pastor in Great Britain, where he served for 56 years.

Herbert Walter Armstrong was a pioneering pastor in Great Britain.

​​Walter Wesley Armstrong, the grandson of one of the earliest Adventist families in the British Isles, served the church as a missionary, district pastor, and conference and union president.

Alfred Eli Bacon served the church as an administrator, mission and conference president, and as a local pastor.

​William Thomas Bartlett served the church as a pastor, editor, college principal, superintendent of the East Africa Mission, vice president for the British Union Conference, president of the North England Conference, field secretary of the Northern European Division, and Bible teacher at Newbold College.

​Missionary, physiotherapist, and nurse, Hanna Bergström served in Dogba and Koza, Northern Cameroon, between 1931 and 1953, together with her husband Ruben Bergström.

​Within a year of the outbreak of World War I the British government recognized that voluntary enlistment to the armed forces would be insufficient to sustain the needed personnel for the war against Germany.

​The British Union Conference is a constituent union of the Trans-European Division of the General Conference. Its headquarters are located at Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts, WD25 9JZ, England.

Svend Aage Broberg served the Seventh-day Adventist Church for 37 years as a pastor-evangelist, departmental director, and leader in Denmark, Africa, and the United States. Fifteen of those years Svend and his wife Laurette spent in the mission fields of West Africa and Ethiopia.

​Harold Calkins pastored in the Illinois, Pennsylvania, Southern California, and Southeastern California Conferences. He also served as the executive secretary and president of the Southern California Conference and president of the British Union Conference.

​Malcolm Neal Campbell was an early Adventist pioneer who served in North America and the British Union Conference. He served as General Conference secretary; division, union, and conference president; and a district pastor.

David Emmanuel Carlsson was a pastor, youth leader, conference president, Bible teacher, and author.

Lewis Harrison Christian served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as an evangelist and administrator for more than fifty years. Beginning as a reluctant and unsuccessful preacher, he had a powerful experience with God, which turned his ministry around. As a child of immigrant parents, he felt a special call to work for the foreign-born in America, which later led him to help form and develop the Adventist work in Europe. In his later years, he wrote several books addressing the challenges and issues of the time.

​Ellis R. Colson served the church as a teacher, business manager, and school principal at the mission school in Sweden, treasurer for the Northern European Division, business manager of Atlantic Union College, secretary-treasurer of the Minnesota Conference, and pastor in the Minnesota Conference.