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​A Swedish-American pastor, Gustaf Lindsay served the church as a teacher, youth leader, treasurer, and president.

Alf Lohne served in various leadership positions in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for more than 50 years. Most of the time his influence was felt primarily in the Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe, but as a milepost in his service was his work at the General Conference for the Church in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe during the communist era.

Harry W. Lowe served as associate and field secretaries at the General Conference, union president, mission president, administrator, and managing editor of Ministry magazine.

As an evangelist and leader in the Adventist Church in Denmark and Norway for many years, Jens Madsen was well known and appreciated for the contribution he made. In a time when secularism and moral decline increasingly impacted the society around him, he was steady like a rock, when the church needed a calm and firm hand at the helm. His focus on the soon coming of Christ, and the hope we have in Him, characterized his leadership and preaching.

John Gottlieb Matteson (b. Johannes Gottlieb Mathiesen) was a minister, editor, and pioneer missionary in Scandinavia.

Constance Mary Maxwell was a missionary to Kenya, arriving in 1920 and serving until her death in 1942. She was the wife of Spencer George Maxwell, who served as superintendent of the East Africa Union before moving to Blantyre after her death in Kenya.

Spencer Maxwell was a pioneer missionary to East, Central, and Southern Africa. As soon as he arrived in Africa, Spencer Maxwell displayed unusual eagerness to carry out mission work. He established the work in many unentered areas, pioneered many mission stations, fields and conferences, travelled great distances, and braved grave dangers in what would be a four-decade missionary sojourn in Africa.

John Alexander McMillan served as president of the British Union Conference, South England Conference and Scottish Mission, departmental leader, director of the Voice of Prophecy, as well as evangelist and pastor.

Missionären was a Swedish periodical published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1897 to 2021.

Frithjof Muderspach served most of his life as a missionary in East Africa. He was respected and loved by nationals as well as fellow missionaries. His faithfulness and sacrificial service were legendary and an inspiration to many young people in his homeland, Denmark.

​John Muderspach was a highly respected leader who was known for his professional skills in business and finance and who in the middle of the hustle and bustle of his work found time to be human in the best sense of the word. He served the church for 47 years in Denmark, West and East Africa, as well as at the Headquarters of the Northern European/Trans-European Division.

​Louis Muderspach served the Seventh-day Adventist church as pastor-evangelist, teacher, school principal, editor, writer, and administrator. He helped form and grow the Adventist work in the Nordic countries as well as among the Scandinavians in North America. Evangelism was always high on his agenda along with his interest in education and the youth. Also, temperance and health ministry were close to his heart. His books found their way into many homes. He started early in his ministry and was faithful and loyal to the end.

​Peter Gustav Nelson worked in many capacities in the church in Denmark and Norway, where he had a keen interest in education and youth. He is especially remembered for his 12 years as president of the West Nordic Union Conference, when he led the church through the difficult years of World War II.

From 1948-1995 the Netherlands Union Conference operated a small theological seminary and a secondary school in the village of Huis ter Heide about 6 miles (10 km) east of Utrecht.

Andreas Nielsen is known as a pioneer for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greenland. As a missionary, literature evangelist, and pastor, he served in Denmark, Germany, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

​Niels Balle Nielsen was a lifetime missionary, serving the Seventh-day Adventist church for 50 years, most of which were spent in the mission field overseas. He worked primarily as a secretary-treasurer at different levels and for a few years as a union president. He was known for his quiet but friendly and helpful character and faithfulness in service.

​Gustav Edward Nord was a Swedish- American pastor/evangelist. He served as a school principal, conference and union president, department leader in the Northern European Division, and leader of the Scandinavian, Russian and Ukrainian departments in the General Conference.

​The publishing house has been a primary tool for the church in Norway in reaching out to the general public and in nurturing members spiritually. That activity started with the publication Tidernes Tegn in 1879, later named Tidens Tale.

The North Conference of the South-East European Union Conference was established 1992 and comprises the territory of the Vojvodina Province of Serbia. Prior to 1992 this province had been part of the North Yugoslavian Conference (established in 1953).

​The Norwegian Union Conference territory is the country of Norway and consists of three conferences: East Norway Conference, North Norway Conference, and West Norway Conference.