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David Caldwell Babcock was an evangelist, conference administrator and pioneer missionary to Guyana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Curaçao.

​A missionary, teacher, and North American administrator, Granville Henderson Baber was the first ordained Adventist pastor to lead the South American western coast mission.

Theofil Theofilovich Babienco served the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1913 to about 1970 as pastor, missionary, administrator, educator, and translator in Canada, the United States, China, Mongolia, and Poland.

Theofil Arsentievich Babienko served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a pastor, pioneer native worker, and missionary in czarist Russia, Romania, and Canada.

John Warren Bacheller, Jr. and his wife, Arvilla Marilda (born Lane), were early Sabbatarian Adventists and active in the formation of the denomination. Warren worked as a printer for James White in Rochester and later became a lifelong employee of the Review and Herald Publishing House.

​Friedrich Alex Bäcker served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as pastor, administrator and missionary in Germany and in Turkey.

Alfred Eli Bacon served the church as an administrator, mission and conference president, and as a local pastor.

Jean-Pierre Badaut was an important figure within the first generation of Seventh-day Adventists in France and significantly contributed to the development of the Adventist Church in the country.

Paul Badaut pioneered the missionary work in Mauritius and later served as president of the South France Conference in the early 1900s.

Samuel Badaut was a French Adventist minister and a departmental leader in the Latin Union Conference that included Algeria, Belgium, France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

Zadour G. Baharian was an Armenian Seventh-day Adventist evangelist and missionary who was known as the great apostle to the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean region of Western Asia) and had often been described as the “Second Paul.” Tirelessly and without fear he ranged throughout the heart of the Turkish Empire in Asia Minor and Armenia, sharing the Adventist message under difficult circumstances, persecution, death threats, and imprisonment, leading many souls to Christ.

John F. Bahler's role in the Texas Tract and Missionary Society contributed to the organization of the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Ernst "Earnest" Wilhelm and Herta Bahr served as Seventh-day Adventist missionaries in Korea. Bahr himself was an administrator in Korea and later served as a pastor in the United States.

​The story of two Chinese colporteurs, Beh Chin-chien (白金鑒, Bai Jinjian) and Djeng Hsiang-pu (曾湘甫 Zeng Xiangfu), is one of Christian courage pitted against the inclement weather of western China and the difficulties of taking the gospel to Moslem Uyghers in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, the largest province of China on its northwest border. It is also the story of their ultimate sacrifice for their belief in the gospel commission of Christ.

Matilal Baidya was one of the pioneer Adventist workers in Bangladesh.

Alfred Sherman DePuy Baird was an architect who supervised construction of buildings for denominational institutions in Michigan and Washington, D.C.

James and Annie Baker were missionary nurses to Africa and among the earliest pioneer Adventist missionaries to east-central Africa.

Joseph Baker, an ordained Methodist minister who joined the Millerite movement around 1843, was for a few years prominent in the early development of Sabbatarian Adventism.

W. L. H. Baker was an evangelist, conference administrator, and Bible teacher in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and recipient of a letter from Ellen G. White that has figured prominently in the varying explanations of the human nature of Christ debated within Adventism.