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​Germano Paulo Streithorst was a pastor, teacher, and administrator in South America.

​Walter Jonathan Streithorst was a pastor in North Brazil and missionary in Amazonas, continued the Luzeiro boat ministry, served as a denominational administrator in three unions in Brazil, was and a department director in the South American Division.

​Superbom is a vegetarian food industry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil.

​José Tabuenca was a pastor and ecclesiastic administrator in the former Austral Union Conference of the South American Division and in institutions such as Uruguay Academy, River Plate Academy, and South America Spanish Publishing House.

​Juan Tabuenca was an Adventist pastor, evangelist, ecclesiastical administrator, and theology professor who served in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

Maria Talvik worked for 26 years as the cafeteria chef at UNASP-SP and rendered a notable and positive influence over hundreds of students. In her honor, today the cafeteria at UNASP-SP is called “Maria Talvik Restaurant.”

​Francisco Tancara was a chieftain and native Bolivian who became an Adventist and worked, by vocation, as a missionary and educator. Although illiterate, he used every means available so schools could be established in the villages under his management and so his people could become literate.

​Friedrich Herman Taube was a missionary teacher from Germany, who emigrated to Brazil. He served the Adventist Church for 18 years.

​George Benjamin Taylor was a pastor, educator, administrator, and missionary to Brazil.

​Haroldo Morán Tenorio was a pastor, administrator, department leader, evangelist, and speaker of the La Voz de la Esperanza (The Voice of Hope) program in Peru.

​The Voice of Prophecy is a radio and television program of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil, broadcast by New Time Radio and New Time TV (Hope Channel Brazil).

​Eduardo Werner Thomann was one of the first persons to accept the Adventist faith in the republic of Chile; he was the first ordained minister in South America and a pioneer in many areas of the evangelistic work in different countries.

​Víctor Edwin Thomann was one of the first people to accept the Adventist faith in Chile, along with his brother Eduardo. He was an Adventist pioneer in several fields of the evangelistic work in Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina.

​William Henry Thurston was a North American administrator, missionary, and literature evangelist, and one of the first missionaries to arrive in Brazil at the end of the nineteenth century.

​Tocantins Mission is an administrative unit of the Seventh-day Adventist Church located in the territory of the West Central Brazil Union Mission. Its headquarters is currently in the city of Palmas, state of Tocantins, Brazil.

​Nelson and Sadie Town were North American missionaries who served in the United States, Scotland, England, and South America, pioneering work in the areas of publications and education and participating in church administration.

Humberto Raúl Treiyer had extensive professional and academic experience and served in pastoral service, in academic administration, and in teaching.

Carlos Alberto Trezza was a pastor, evangelist, canvasser, and writer from Brazil.