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​Antônio Zuza Ferreira worked a total of 57 years as a canvasser, and in this activity, he traveled throughout almost the entire territory of Brazil, establishing and strengthening the Adventist mission work.

​Henry Raymond Feyerabend was a pastor, teacher, missionary, evangelist, singer, writer, and a missionary to South America.

Antônio Álvares Filho, canvasser, was born in 1936 in the city of Joanópolis, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Luis Guillermo Alfredo Bellido de la Fuente was a Peruvian pastor, Adventist missionary, and administrator in Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Maximilian Fuhrmann was a German born pastor, secretary, treasurer, administrator and auditor in Brazil.

Ana de Araújo Garcia was a teacher, singer, Bible instructor, and writer from Brazil.

​Jerônimo Granero Garcia was a pastor, evangelist, principal, teacher, and conference president in Brazil.

André Gedrath was a Scottish Adventist canvasser, missionary in southern Brazil, and pioneer in the medical missionary work in North Brazil.

​The Geoscience Museum (MuGe) of Bahia Adventist College (FADBA) is maintained in partnership with the Latin-American Adventist Theological Seminary, based at the same institution. It is an extension of the Geoscience Research Institute, which is operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and is based in Loma Linda, California. It has the mission to discover and share an understanding of nature in its relationship with the Biblical revelation of the Creator God.

​Isidoro Andrés Gerometta was a pastor, professor, director of Adventist high school institutions in Argentina and Uruguay, and rector of River Plate Academy (current River Plate Adventist University).

​João Gnutzmann was a pastor, missionary, teacher, and canvasser from Brazil.

​Good Hope Clinic (Clínica Good Hope, CGH) is a medical health institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the territory of the South Peru Union Mission. Its headquarters is in the district of Miraflores, the city of Lima, the province and department of Lima, Republic of Peru.

Huldreich F. Graf was an evangelist, missionary, pastor, and teacher in South America.

​The Grão Pará Adventist Institute (Instituto Adventista Grão-Pará or IAGP) is a day school that offers elementary and high school education in Brazil. It belongs to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is part of the Adventist world education network.

​Hélio Luiz Grellmann was an administrator and medical doctor from Brazil.

Max Gröschel was a pioneer printer of the Brazilian Publishing House.

​Emílio Gutzeit was a teacher, pastor, and missionary among the indigenous people in South America.

​Robert Hill Habenicht was a North American missionary who worked in the United States and in South America. He was a pastor, physician, administrator, and pioneer of Adventist medical institutions.